Minnesota Senate District 33 Republicans

Serving the western suburban area of Minneapolis

Senate District 33 welcomes the participation of all citizens of the district who are concerned with the implementation of honest, efficient, and responsive government - and who are committed to equal opportunity for all and preservation of the rights of each individual.


The mission of Senate District 33 is the maintenance and advancement of efficient, effective government and the election of Republicans at the national, state, and local level - to bring common sense values to our government and return decision making to the people.


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Welcome to Senate District 33. There are many ways that you can get involved. You can become as active as you want. Getting Republicans elected takes effort, but you will find few things that are more important to the future of our country and the legacy that we leave for the next generations. Your time will be well spent and you will have the opportunity to meet and work with fellow Republicans at all levels of government.



Our party is built on the efforts of individuals like you who are willing to provide our candidates with the support they need to run for office and win elections. Your contribution will be put to use to ensure that our Republican candidates have the resources they need to help restore American values.


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